Ohio Scientist Rattan Lal on How Soil Could Help Solve Global Environmental Crises

Award-winning scientist Rattan Lal’s fascination with soil goes back to childhood on his family’s farm in India; he marveled at the soil’s ability to produce food and wondered why it needed to be plowed when it got compacted over time.

Ohio’s Transit System and the Path to an Intermodal Future

Read Part I here. About a century ago, Ohio was covered with an extensive system of electric passenger railroads called interurbans—a short-lived but well-loved era...

Summit Street a Century Ago

As Summit Street currently undergoes a multi-million dollar transformation, now is an opportune moment to look back on the history of one of the...

When Ohio Was the Future of Public Transit: The Interurban Era

Midwestern rail transit tends to evoke imagery of rusted steel and graffitied cargo cars—not exactly the picture of the speedy, sparkling passenger rail of...

Black Voices in Ohio Journalism

In celebration of Black History Month, take a look at just a few of the historical figures who trailblazed for Black voices in journalism in Ohio and beyond.

Staying Afloat: The Future of Funding for Local Journalism

As a local activist and network engineer, Sean Nestor recognizes the importance of access to information. But even as an internet expert, he was...

Madison Avenue a Century Ago

As we see Toledo’s downtown changing in the midst of its revitalization efforts over the last few years, take a look, street by street, at the Toledo of 100 years ago—brick roads bustling with pedestrians, ornate architecture and all.

News Deserts, New Media, New Normal: An Introduction to the Local Journalism Project

For decades, the bike-riding paperboy hurling the daily news at doorsteps was a staple in the average American city. Over morning coffee, readers would...

The 2020 Election Dilemma: How Ohio has Handled Voting During the Pandemic

The 2020 presidential election stands to be one of the most complex and highly anticipated U.S. elections in recent history, primarily because the pandemic...

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