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Detroit Is Changing the Classical Music Status Quo

For Andre Dowell, an epiphany about the classical music world hit him during his first performance as a percussion major at the University of Michigan.  “At intermission, there were a...

The Morel the Merrier: Ohio’s Growing Forager Community

Foragers are having a social media resurgence. But foraging is an ancient practice whose purpose has evolved over time, and such changes demand new approaches and considerations in a modern context. Learn about how foraging impacts the environment and mushrooms that grow in Ohio.

The River Runs in Reverse. Chicago Continues to Grapple with its Impact.

In 1900, the Chicago River was reversed to protect the city from disease and water pollution. Today, this decision poses questions to a city that faces unprecedented climate conditions and irreversible changes in the ecosystem.

Behind the Viral Moment: Lee Wong on His Televised Scar Display and Asian American Patriotism

Lee Wong has long served his country: he spent two decades in the U.S. Army, has been a trustee of West Chester Township since 2005 and is a chairman at the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Cincinnati. Some would say Wong is a textbook patriot. But as the U.S. continues to grapple with anti-Asian hate, Wong has had to prove himself again and again throughout his life.

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