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'Whitewashed and invisible': 'Asian in Ohio' online exhibit examines overlooked stories


Literacy in Toledo and the future state of the community


Healing the Gap Podcast: AAPI Month + Midstory


Ivy-league grads return home with a story to tell

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Let's Talk About Heat Challenge


Erie Hack – Cleveland Water Alliance Kicks Off Innovation Competition To Solve Lake Erie’s Challenges


Erie Hack is back, offering cash prizes for the best ideas to improve the health of Lake Erie


Hire the Tiger


Dream Louder providing the music for Social Distances | Midstory


2021 CareerCon: Virtual Internships | How to adapt to ensure success


Fashion Professor Dr. Leslie Featured in Denim-focused Article from Midstory


Nonprofits recognized during virtual award ceremony


Greater Toledo Community Foundation and The Blade Announce 10th Anniversary Northwest Ohio Nonprofit Innovation & Excellence Award Winners


OhioX Tech Tour: Toledo


Urban designers announce new plans to revitalize Garfield, Old South End


The Rough Draft Diaries Revisit: Midstory


Sam Chang on revitalizing America's post-industrial cities and recruiting top talent back home


An Internship in Toledo, Ohio: Mina Quesen’s Experience

One year ago, this group of recent graduates returned to Toledo to found a “media thinkhub” called Midstory that they hoped would become a catalyst for economic growth and creative innovation in the city.


Midstory Takes the Lead

One year ago, this group of recent graduates returned to Toledo to found a “media thinkhub” called Midstory that they hoped would become a catalyst for economic growth and creative innovation in the city.


The Future of Journalism: The News Biz


October 13: Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson — Guests Logan Sander and Samuel Chang


Reimagining Flyover USA | Samuel Chang | TEDxToledo


Plugging the 'brain drain': Toledo nonprofit aims to retain young talent


Toledo According To The Midstory Team


COACT Associates to Exhibit at Midstory Gala “A City in Transit” in August 2019


SSOE Proud Sponsor of “A City in Transit” Gala X Expo Hosted by Midstory Media ThinkHub


The strain on our farming community, and Toledo's "Midstory" on Conklin and Company


A City in Transit: Gala x Expo


Samuel Chang and Logan Sander with

Samuel Chang and Logan Sander with Midstory is dedicated to retain, cultivate, and attract youth and the public from disparate segments of post-industrial cities—beginning in the city of Toledo, Ohio—by interweaving stories of science, art, and culture. Our Vision is to have a powerful midstory in the nation, curating a voice for postindustrial communities—toward renewed socio-cultural capital in the Midwest.




Midstory: Former Boyk Law Intern Launches Non-Profit to Attract Young People to Toledo Area

Boyk Law has a new reason to be proud this summer as one of our former interns has returned
home to focus his efforts on making the Toledo area a place where people want to build their lives
and careers.


Midstory.Org Visits TMR

Telling great stories about Toledo to keep and attract people to our area,

Starting from 1:27:30.


Toledo City Podcast: Midstory Team Talks Retaining Bright Minds in Toledo

In this week’s podcast episode, Logan Sander, Alex Lim, Ruth Chang and Sam Chang talk about returning to Toledo with swanky Ivy League-level educations and founding a storytelling nonprofit. In providing promising young people both local and from around the country with a platform to share stories inspired by life in Toledo, Midstory looks to bolster Northwest Ohio’s self-image with a healthy dose of perspective.


Writing Our Story: What a Rock Band and a Media Thinkhub have in Common

In early March I received an interesting LinkedIn message from an old grade school peer. Her name is Logan Sander, and the last thing I had heard about her was that she had gone off to Princeton, and was back in Toledo to lead a media Thinkhub called Midstory. I was surprised by the entire situation; Logan’s message was to inquire about meeting for coffee, but I couldn’t help wondering why she moved back to Toledo from the East Coast, and why she would want to meet with me, the manager of a Toledo-based band.


Ruth Chang MArch ‘17 Launches Midstory, Nonprofit ThinkHub in Toledo, Ohio

After graduating from the GSD, Ruth Chang MArch ’17 is now back in Toledo, Ohio—her hometown—to start a nonprofit invested in the cultural renewal of the Midwestern region. Midstory‘s mission is to inspire, attract, and retain young talent by telling the hidden stories and enacting thought projects and programming in the area. Together with two of her Princeton alumni classmates and one alumnus from MIT, Ruth and her colleagues are on the ground to re-imagine the future of postindustrial towns in the Midwest, beginning in Toledo, Ohio…


Meet Us in the Middle

Flyover country. Middle America. A cultural desert. These descriptions of America’s Midwest might sting if you’re a native, but, at this point, they are more than likely white noise to you, a ubiquitous background note played by east and west coast media outlets. They either tell a bleak tale of economic destitution, or a romanticized vision of a simpler, more agriculturally based way of life, neither of which exists on the coasts where those stories are written.

Either way, too often, someone else is telling the Midwest’s story. Four young people from this area are trying to change that with Midstory, a nonprofit that launched last year.


Southview grads come home to tell our story!

Throughout the year, Southview alumni return home to visit their alma mater, but rarely do they do so as Ruth Chang, Logan Sander, and Sam Chang have. These three ambitious former Cougars have returned from Ivy League educations to tell the story of Toledo and the Midwest, a project expressed through their non-profit organization called MidStory.


Bright Young People

In the 1920s, “The Bright Young Things,” or “Bright Young People,” was a nickname given to young aristocrats or socialites in London. They were one of England’s first celebrity cultures. But it’s 2019, and I’m going to reuse the term to describe a different group of people. The young, intelligent, driven, creative individuals behind Midstory.


Momentum Art Festival 2018 Highlights by Midstory