The Midstory co-founders dedicate their time, energy and heart to inspiring the region with their powerful stories.

The studio

The Midstory studio is fully-equipped with the latest livestreaming technology. Our studio utilizes professional lighting, dynamic microphones, camera switchers and HD cameras to provide the most authentic and engaging experience for our audience.

Samuel Chang

Logan Sander

Ruth Chang

The Speakers

For many years, Samuel, Logan and Ruth have engaged the community through keynote speeches, lectures, workshops and more. Each Midstorian has a powerful story to share and are able to tailor every engagement to your audience.

Book a Midstorian

Samuel, Logan and Ruth give 100% of their speaker fees back to charity to support public educational media, youth programming and mentorship. Want to host more than one Midstorian? We can also make that happen!

“It definitely changed my perception that living in the Midwest is an option. [...] I don't really know what the future holds, but before it was not even remotely a possibility.”

“I think that there's a lot here in Ohio that I missed out on even though I lived here my entire life. And I need to give places like Toledo and other places like that in Ohio a second chance.”

Lectures, Workshops & Webinars

From film to leadership, literature to design, our team hosts numerous educational lectures, workshops & seminars for the community. These sessions usually work best with a smaller, engaged audience, but can be adapted to fit your event needs.

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