Community Gardens Are Growing Across the Midwest

Hanging from a barn wall is a colorful wooden sign reading “Bittersweet Farms” in big, bold, red letters. Through the door of the dome-like...

Pharmaceuticals Are Flowing Through Our Streams

“You might think it’s harmless to flush something down the toilet, rinse something down the sink, thinking you’re never going to see it again,” Jeremy Canfield, forensic science research technician at Bowling Green State University, said. Actually, every discarded tablet, every leftover cup of coffee and every flush of the toilet is just the start of the journey for certain compounds.

The Carnivorous Pitcher Plants of Wisconsin’s Berlin Fen

Picture a carnivorous plant. You’re likely envisioning the giant human-eating Venus flytrap popularized in the 1960 and 1986 remake of the film "Little Shop...

The Morel the Merrier: Ohio’s Growing Forager Community

Foragers are having a social media resurgence. But foraging is an ancient practice whose purpose has evolved over time, and such changes demand new approaches and considerations in a modern context. Learn about how foraging impacts the environment and mushrooms that grow in Ohio.

Rat-ical Solutions to Chicago’s Rodent Problem

Rats! Whether categorized as rodents, wildlife, vermin or pests, they have a profound impact on human populations in big cities — affecting wide-ranging aspects of residents’ lives from food to psychology to safety. In Chicago, which has been ranked the rattiest city in the United States for eight years by pest control company Orkin, experts are finding new solutions to educate about and hopefully eradicate the invasive species known as the sewer rat.

Confluence: Stewarding Cleveland’s Water

The Great Lakes are one of the largest freshwater systems in the world, accounting for 21% of the world's surface freshwater and 84% of...

Follow the Cranberry Road (A 50-Mile Trail in Wisconsin, the Cranberry Capital of the World)

“I don't really need to go to school, because I'm going to be a cranberry farmer.” For some who grew up on cranberry farms in...

The River Runs in Reverse. Chicago Continues to Grapple with its Impact.

In 1900, the Chicago River was reversed to protect the city from disease and water pollution. Today, this decision poses questions to a city that faces unprecedented climate conditions and irreversible changes in the ecosystem.

Greater Detroit Area Students Are Tackling Climate Change — In and Out of the Classroom

The National Wildlife Federation (NWF), General Motors and school districts in Southeast Michigan have come together to give students the opportunity to make self-designed...

From Iowa to England, the World’s Newest Cloud Is Challenging the Status Quo

The Cloud Appreciation Society founder Gavin Pretor-Pinney first received a photo of a peculiar wave-like cloud formation from a woman in Cedar Rapids, Iowa,...

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