Ohio Wants to Mix Solar Power and Agriculture. Residents Aren’t Convinced.

Madison County is an expanse of fields and agricultural land located just west of Columbus, Ohio. The county’s landscape will soon be home to...

Farmers Can Tell the Climate is Changing — Colors of Climate Change, Episode 4

At the same time that the agricultural sector is facing farm closures and declining employment, research shows a staggering disconnect between Americans and where their food comes from, who grows it and the labor involved. And that includes how a changing climate is impacting farmers.

Is Climate Change Making Us Sicker? Colors of Climate Change, Episode 3

In a world still grappling with the impacts of COVID-19, “slower-burning” threats to our collective and individual health might seem distant. But from dangerously toxic air and extreme urban heat to undrinkable water and increasingly infectious disease, the reality of climate change’s impact on public health is more urgent than you might expect.

Ohio Isn’t as Safe From Extreme Weather as You Think — Colors of Climate Change, Episode 2

Natural disasters and extreme weather events often remain in our memories as rare and unusual phenomena, remembered for the unique ways they impact everyday life. But are these events simply anomalies, or are they part of a larger pattern related to Ohio’s changing climate? And are they happening more frequently?

From Regulation to Recycling, Northeast Ohio Is Tackling the Plastic Pollution Problem

Plastic waste is everywhere.  From the bottle it’s sold in to the wrapper surrounding it, almost every product in stores has a plastic component, leading...

What Does a Changing Climate Mean for Ohio? Colors of Climate Change, Episode 1

As climate change becomes an increasingly important issue in our nation and world, how might Ohio be uniquely impacted — both its landscape and its communities? In this series entitled “Colors of Climate Change,” we explore the current situation in Ohio from perspectives that shed light on how climate impacts us all and how we are impacting climate in return; we investigate how negative effects of climate change affect some of us more than others; and we unpack topics like natural disasters, agriculture, public health, economics, ecology and more through data and insights from scientists, policymakers, educators and other experts.

Long Before 2024, Eclipses Shaped the Fate of Nations

This story was written in tandem with a new podcast called “Eclipsing History,” produced by the department of history at Bowling Green State University...

Community Gardens Are Growing Across the Midwest

Hanging from a barn wall is a colorful wooden sign reading “Bittersweet Farms” in big, bold, red letters. Through the door of the dome-like...

Pharmaceuticals Are Flowing Through Our Streams

“You might think it’s harmless to flush something down the toilet, rinse something down the sink, thinking you’re never going to see it again,” Jeremy Canfield, forensic science research technician at Bowling Green State University, said. Actually, every discarded tablet, every leftover cup of coffee and every flush of the toilet is just the start of the journey for certain compounds.

The Carnivorous Pitcher Plants of Wisconsin’s Berlin Fen

Picture a carnivorous plant. You’re likely envisioning the giant human-eating Venus flytrap popularized in the 1960 and 1986 remake of the film "Little Shop...

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