Voting in the Midwest: The Transformative Force of Race and Class

At first glance, the Midwest seems to be undergoing an electoral shift to the right. This change in voting attitudes manifested itself in 2016; in a single election, many Midwestern states—with the exception of Illinois and Minnesota—flipped from “blue” to “red” on the electoral map. But the region’s electoral history shows a much more complicated position.

Mobility in Crisis, Part II: Could Disaster Transform Toledo’s Bus System?

Read Part I, "Public Health, Transit and Investment," here. COVID-19 has decimated public transportation in cities nationwide; the Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority (TARTA)...

Mobility in Crisis, Part I: Public Health, Transit and Investment

From airlines to subways, mass transit is particularly ill-suited to the social distancing practices that help stem COVID-19’s spread, so it doesn’t come as a shock that the transportation sector has struggled to navigate the pandemic. And for transit systems nationwide, it’s a bitter pill to swallow: where public transportation was most successful, it now seems most threatening—and threatened.

Where Does Journalism Go From Here? News, Media & COVID-19

Journalism has seen intense difficulties over the last decade, but the current crisis has shown just how important that work is and how newsrooms are innovating to keep it going. We chat with Joe Stephens, award-winning reporter and Founding Director of Princeton University's Program in Journalism.

Hidden in Plain Sight: the Great Black Swamp of Northwest Ohio

In 2014, more than half a million people were left without clean drinking water for three days after a harmful algal bloom took over Lake Erie. But behind the bloom is a history long-forgotten and a hopeful future of coexistence and collaboration. This film is the result of a 2019 collaboration with WGTE Public Media.

20/20 Vision: The Ambition & Execution of “Comprehensive Planning” in Toledo

If you made it past the front page of The Blade in mid-May, 2000, you might have spotted a curious advertisement. Among concerts, hair...


by Millenia Terrell Hear… See… Voices can be more than what we hear Voices can be something we see Voices can move mountains and open doors You never know...

Kennedi’s Story: Making a Choice

Kennedi is a rising first-year at the University of Toledo. In this essay, she talks about choosing between staying in the MESP program and...

Why I Chose Toledo

By De'Vonn Battle De'Vonn is an incoming freshman and a part of the Multicultural Emerging Scholars Program at the University of Toledo. He is...

My Journey to College

Alexandria Marie Bugaj (who usually goes by Allie) was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, and was adopted at a young age. Allie was...

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