Meet the Interns

Midstory’s Internship Program

Spring 2021

Mason Vore | Michigan State University

Mason is a second-year student at Michigan State University from Austin, Texas. He studies Social Relations and Policy and is pursuing minors in Spanish and Economics. At MSU, Mason writes for the student radio, and spends most of his time reading books, listening to music, running around campus and consuming carrots whenever possible. He has a twin brother at Ohio State who enjoys tortilla soup just as much as he does (which is a lot!).

Amy Lloyd | McGill University

Amy is a third year student at McGill University in Montreal, Canada where she majors in Cultural Studies with minors in both Philosophy and Communications. Aside from school, Amy is the radio editor for one of McGill’s newspapers, and, thanks to her work in radio, she developed a strong interest in local journalism. Amy also enjoys spending time with her cat Dumpling, who she found under a dumpster this summer. Coincidentally, she loves dumplings and once ate 30 in one sitting. Amy has lived in four cities (London, LA, Montreal and Toronto) and has moved apartments/houses 13 times.

Leanna Greenlee | Columbus State Community College

Leanna is a second-year student at Columbus State Community College in Columbus, Ohio where she studies business and photography. In the future, she plans to continue her education and get her degree in marketing from the Ohio State University. In her free time, Leanna is a photographer and especially loves portrait photography. She also enjoys indoor bouldering, painting, singing badly (and loudly—sorry, Mom!) and baking for her friends. Leanna and her friends make summer bucket lists every year, and spend their breaks crossing off their wackiest summer dreams. Also, no freezing weather will ever stop her from getting ice cream. She’s probably getting some right now.

Fall 2020

Jordan Whitman | University of Cincinnati

Jordan is a senior at the University of Cincinnati with a major in Electronic Media and a minor in Political Science. She is originally from Findlay, OH. She enjoys watching TV series and movies with friends and family and loves the outdoors. Jordan hopes to one day be able to travel the world while also finding a career that immerses her in the digital media industry.

Spring 2020

Mya Polsdorfer | Owens Community College

Mya Polsdorfer is a dual-major student at Owens Community College and specializes in photography. She currently serves as Editor-in-Chief of the Owens student newspaper and is President of the Photography Club. Mya also plans to continue her education to receive a bachelor's in Journalism. When she is not chasing the latest news stories, she enjoys expanding her mind through reading, shredding the ski slopes and churning up dirt in a good game of rugby.

Fall 2019

Sophia Yakumithis | King's College London

Sophia Yakumithis is a second-year history major currently studying at King's College London. Previously, she attended Case Western Reserve University, where she served as News Editor and Director of Print for its independent student newspaper, The Observer, and as a staff writer for The Athenian, the university's satirical magazine. In 2017, Sophia's contributions to the University Media Board made her the recipient of the "Correspondent of the Year" award, and she was also presented the title "Promising First-Year Scholar" for a series of essays on the UK's EU policy. When she is not writing or spending more money on coffee than anyone else on the Midstory team, Sophia enjoys traveling.