Watch the River Rush On: Springsteen’s “Nebraska” and the Deindustrialized Midwest

“I remember when his live box set came out. People were lining up to get it. It was a big, big deal,” Professor Theo...

Detroit Is Changing the Classical Music Status Quo

For Andre Dowell, an epiphany about the classical music world hit him during his first performance as a percussion major at the University of...

Toledo’s Jazz Scene Is Roaring Once Again

In a dark room sit clusters of circular wooden tables and chairs while a handful of vintage lamps radiate warm light. A red upholstered banquette runs along a dark wall, reminiscent of a century ago. But the focus of the room is a gleaming, black piano on a stage enveloped with red curtains, a platform designed to transport audiences to Toledo, Ohio’s golden era — and envision its next one.

Weight of Sound, Ep. 2: Brahms Symphony No. 4 (and More!)

In episode 2 of Weight of Sound, Toledo Symphony violinist and teacher at Maumee Valley Country Day School Tom Sieberg shares memories brought back through Brahms Symphony No. 4—the joy and inspiration of music education and teaching music with his wife Colleen: “...she also knew how to challenge kids. I mean, that was one of her biggest gifts. She wasn't afraid to give any group any piece of music because somehow she knew they could get it done. And she was going to see to it that they did it.”

“Playing more freely” | Zak Vassar & Chris Anderson

As concert halls and jazz bars closed amidst the pandemic, the music community had to find new ways to bring music to people. In doing so, they’ve also opened up doors to broader audiences. Midstory talks to Zak Vassar, President and CEO of the Toledo Symphony Orchestra, and Chris Anderson, founder of Open Tone Music, about how the pandemic changed our access to music—for the worse, but also for the better.

Survived Cold Wars: Life in the Inner City in G Herbo’s PTSD

Thrilled to hear the 14 new songs added to the previous tracklist when Chicago rapper G Herbo (also known as Lil’ Herb or Swervo)...

Weight of Sound, Ep. 1: Bruckner Symphonies

In episode 1 of Weight of Sound, Toledo Symphony Orchestra President Emeritus Bob Bell discusses his decades-long connection with Bruckner symphonies as an audience member, a percussionist and a community leader: "We want quick satisfaction—whatever we want to do we want to always go as fast as we can. Bruckner’s music is for another time. Things are a little slower and more lofty in a way. But every bit is relevant today as ever..."

The Conundrum & Commitment of Classical Music Organizations Amid COVID-19

The classical music world—symphonies, operas, ballets and more—has long struggled to adapt to changing times, to appeal to younger audiences and to innovate in...

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