On its 120th Anniversary, Ford Looks to Shift Gears

New York and Sinatra. Chicago and deep dish. Toledo and glass. Most American cities have distinct personalities that revolve around the markets, meals or...

“Urbexers” Are Documenting America’s Post-industrial Past

The United States is littered with abandoned buildings, especially across faded industrial cities of the Midwest.  As the success of manufacturing giants like Detroit, Cincinnati,...

A Visual History of Toledo’s Automotive Industry

In 1900, the first Toledo-built car was completed at the Lozier Motor Company factory. This vehicle ran on steam and had only two seats,...

Beyond the Surface: The Consequences of Shrinking Great Lakes Ice Coverage

The Great Lakes, impressive symbols of North America’s beauty, have enthralled the hearts of people across the United States and Canada for centuries. Encompassing...

A New Silicon Heartland: How Midwest Academic Institutions Aim to Revitalize U.S. Semiconductor Production

In August 2022, President Joe Biden signed the CHIPS and Science Act, affirming the United States’ commitment to revitalizing its ailing, but formerly dominant,...

Homeward Bound: Why Gen Z Adults Are Living With Their Parents at Record Rates

Like many recent college graduates, Amy Race is currently scoping out the job market. Race, who graduated from the University of Cincinnati this April...

Gas Inflation Poses a Heavy Burden for Rural America

The national gas price average hit a record high in June, exceeding $5 a gallon for the first time in American history. Of course, this comes as no surprise to anyone with a fuel-reliant vehicle — costs at the pump have been scrolling to $100 a tank for most consumers.

Manufacturing the Midwest II: Building an Industrial Future

American manufacturing production jobs are more concentrated in the Midwest than in any other region. Well into the 21st century, manufacturing remains a fundamental part of the region’s identity, and is still central to ideas of economic prosperity.

Manufacturing the Midwest I: Tracing Toledo’s Industrial Past

Cities like Cleveland, Cincinnati and Detroit are shaking off the Rust Belt moniker — or, in some cases, embracing it in a new era. But in some Midwestern, mid-sized cities, recovery is lagging as the memory of high quality manufacturing jobs remains wishful reminiscing.

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