Water Project Timeline

Check out our past community outreach efforts. Since the water crisis of 2014, our team has been working with the community to advance efforts directed towards the water issue.

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May 28

Media Community Partnership with Local University

May 15

Mini-Documentary on the Great Black Swamp 

April 28

Lake Erie Protection Fund Submission

March 12

Spring Speaker Series Cancelled
-alternative plans in the works

January 30

Year in Review Celebration Exhibit

January 17

Meeting with a Native Plants and Environmental Science Expert


November 12

American Lotus Exhibition Event

October 22

WGTE Collaboration: Great Lakes Now Documentary 1007 Segment 3

October 16

Stone Oak Country Club Meeting Update

September 9

Demonstration Farms Bus Tour

August 29

American Lotus Cultivation

August 3

A City in Transit: Gala x Expo

July 25

Stone Oak Newsletter Articles

May 16

Stone Oak Garden Club Meeting

May 2

Promedica Update Meeting

February 27

Stone Oak Country Club Meeting Update

January 22

Meeting with Port Authority

January 21

Meeting with Stone Oak Boards' Presidents


October 25

Meeting with Stone Oak Country Club President

May 17

Meeting with SSOE CEO and Experts

May 9

Meeting with Director of Metroparks Toledo

April 27

Meeting with PTI Leadership & Hull & Assoc.

March 6

Meeting with Hull & Associates Founder

February 27

Meeting with Port Authority


December 7

Meeting with Promedica Leadership

September 28

Meeting with Former PTI Leadership

August 14

First Meeting with Promedica

July 1

Maumee River Boating Tour

February 1

Meeting with UT President

January 16

Discussion with Plant Remediation Expert


September 7

TWP Water Project Manual

August 27

Exploration of Cullen Park

June 21

Meeting with NORTH Design


September 26

Water Nutrient Research and Investigation

March 23

Lake Erie Water Technology Business Summit


September 19

Visit to a Hydroponics Facility

August 2

A Harmful Algae Bloom causes 3-day Water Ban in Toledo