by Millenia Terrell

Hear… See…
Voices can be more than what we hear
Voices can be something we see
Voices can move mountains and open doors
You never know what someone’s voice has in store.

They’re quiet, yet roar like lions
They’re loud, yet hide in shells

They’re upset
And hold it all in
But that voice opens up
And makes you believe these walls will cave in

Because voices can be something we see, not something we always hear

All of these voices have a name
They stick together and speak when others can’t
These voices try to make a change

And you will hear them, you will see them
Anger or joy in their eyes
When these voices come together,
Aspirations reach the sky

They’re the ones that don’t stand out,
Sometimes they don’t fit in,
But these voices will make you see their visions
They will make them come alive, and they will be heard.

They are proud, and stand tall to defy odds,
And make something of their voice.

These voices will give it their all
To make a difference, to be a change,
To make something of their world.
They just want you to listen,
They’re speaking with their eyes, hands, feet and soul.

They’re speaking… They’re speaking…
They ask for you to hear it.


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