“The luxury of hindsight” | Anne Sokolsky

At a time when travel is rendered impossible, literature can take us places. Midstory talks to Dr. Anne Sokolsky, professor of Comparative Literature at Ohio Wesleyan University, about the stories born of past pandemics and the importance of telling our stories today—through broader and more diverse means than ever before.

Social Distances is a podcast where we examine the distances that both separate us and bring us together during the complex and compounded crises of 2020 and beyond. Each week, we look at a different cross section of society that has been impacted by the crisis, and unpack topics ranging from the environment, birth and death and shelter, to media, race relations and more through insights from historians, anthropologists, poets, policymakers and other experts.

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  1. What a lovely podcast. I so appreciate the image of the backyard swing as a conveyance to other worlds–all thanks to the power of literature. Dr. Sokolsky’s ability to bring the past into the present and carry us off to other cultures offers great insight and compassion. I wish I could take one of her classes!


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