(Re)claiming Toledo Legacies: Historic Woodlawn Cemetery

09.06.18 Did you know Toledo's Woodlawn Cemetery is a certified arboretum and one of only 30 "rural cemeteries" in the nation? Midstory brings you an insider's look into Woodlawn, a place that is not only rich with Toledo's history and foundation but also a colorful and visionary asset in our community. ⚰️🌳

Graphic by Bethany Morgan.

Toledo’s Woodlawn Cemetery is a green oasis in the middle of downtown, and is truly a miniature of our city and its history. Do you recognize any of the names in this list of influential Toledoans buried at Woodlawn? Where have you seen their names around town?

  • Horace S. Walbridge
  • David R. Locke (Nasby)
  • Robinson Locke
  • Joseph K. Secor
  • Thomas W. Secor 
  • James Secor 
  • Jay K. Secor 
  • George Laskey
  • Stevens Warren Flower
  • Sheldon C. Reynolds
  • Elmer H. Close 
  • George H. Ketcham
  • Edward Drummond Libbey
  • Florence Scott Libbey
  • William Libbey
  • Harry Tiedtke
  • Harriet Whitney Collins
  • Frances D. Jermain
  • Charles Feilbach
  • Matthew H. Davis

Quick Stats:

  • 160 acres (47 acres undeveloped)
  • 65,000 interments
  • 30 feet above Ottawa River (provided good drainage)
  • 200 different migratory and resident birds
  • Over 2,000 trees and 100 species of tree
  • 42 private mausoleums



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