Re-envisioning East Toledo | 3. “A Neighborhood for the American Dream” — East Toledo History

When we hear about Toledo's history and its progress, it's often in reference to the west side. But our city's Main Street can only be found on the east side, and the riverfront communities of East Toledo have made significant contributions to Toledo's rich and diverse cultural and industrial past. With all the excitement around the Marina District (now a new Metropark), what are the residents' hopes and dreams there? This video is one of a five-part series on the Garfield neighborhood as part of the Garfield Community Plan in collaboration with Toledo Design Collective, East Toledo Family Center and One Voice for East Toledo.

Episode 3, “A Neighborhood for the American Dream,” features storytelling from historian Larry Michaels and architect and TDC-founder Bob Seyfang, who recount the inspiring story of immigration and thrilling speed of development that took place in East Toledo through the centuries.

To learn more about the Garfield Community Plan, visit, and to learn more about this partnership, check out our press release.


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