Memoirs of a Toledo Childhood: “Someday I Will Own It”

"Memoirs of a Toledo Childhood" follows the recollections and reflections of Michael Murray, a Toledoan born in 1944 and raised in the South Side in the 1950s. These snippets of childhood from the previous generation, released as moments rather than a chronological timeline, remind us of what once was and the experiences and legacies that built our present. The excerpts are adapted from Murray's "Memoir of a Toledoan" and are released with permission of the author. 

In 1977, I bought my dream house at 2210 Robinwood Avenue in the Historic Old West End. I first spotted this home when I was a little boy visiting my Grandma Murray, who lived a block away on Virginia Street. This stately, eclectic-style brick and limestone English Tudor home is at the corner of West Bancroft and once was the home of John North Willys, the owner of the Overland Car Company. Today we know it as Jeep. Every time I drove by, I said to myself…someday I will own it.


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