“I’m having that baby!” | Barbara Piperata & Emily Wolfe-Sherrie

Our last episode of the series brings life to the fore in a time of disease and death. Midstory talks to Dr. Barbara Piperata, professor of anthropology at the Ohio State University, and graduate student Emily Wolfe-Sherrie about what motherhood and bringing new life into the world look like under the strains of quarantine, as well as how cultural constructs shaping women’s postpartum experiences reflect back on society as a whole.

Social Distances is a podcast where we examine the distances that both separate us and bring us together during the complex and compounded crises of 2020 and beyond. Each week, we look at a different cross section of society that has been impacted by the crisis, and unpack topics ranging from the environment, birth and death and shelter, to media, race relations and more through insights from historians, anthropologists, poets, policymakers and other experts.

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