The City Infrastructure Project

A vision for the future of city landscapes

"Master plans," "comprehensive plans," "city plans"—it seems like every few years there's another, and both their vision and execution are key to reshaping our city toward a post-industrial future. But where to start? The many plans of old, as well as their successes and failures, give us some clarity for the road ahead. That's why Midstory is kicking off The City Infrastructure Project, aimed at understanding our city's landscape through research and design to push our city toward a brighter future. The Project kicks off with a series on comprehensive planning in Toledo—its past, present and future.


Mobility in Crisis, Part III: Can Amtrak Midwest Ride Out the Pandemic?

The pandemic has halted progress for public transit systems nationwide, but Amtrak’s Director of Government Affairs for the Midwest discusses why the region was struggling with passenger rail long before COVID-19 and how we might move forward.

Mobility in Crisis, Part I: Public Health, Transit and Investment

From airlines to subways, mass transit is particularly ill-suited to the social distancing practices that help stem COVID-19’s spread, so it doesn’t come as a shock that the transportation sector has struggled to navigate the pandemic. And for transit systems nationwide, it’s a bitter pill to swallow: where public transportation was most successful, it now seems most threatening—and threatened.