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Jeans: They’re more than just pants.

Jeans—from their humble origins in the working class to their role in the denim-filled fashion of the ‘90s—are regarded as a clothing staple throughout the world. By delving into the history of these pants, one can discover a deeper relationship between what we wear and the society we live in.

The Mills Race: A Historic Test of Seamanship on Lake Erie

Friday, August 9, 1907 was a fair-weather day on the western end of Lake Erie. Boaters from Cleveland, Detroit and Toledo flocked...

Eating Local: A Digital Sampler

If you’ve grown up here, you’ve probably heard at some point that Toledo has the most restaurants per capita. While that’s not...

Great Lakes, Great Toledo

Toledoans still reminisce about the city’s “golden era”—a time of bustling shops, streets and waterways downtown: the Toledo that embodied founder Jesup...

Toledo, the Home of Champions: Sports History in the Glass City From the "Maumees" to the Mud Hens, the "Storm" to the Walleye, the Glass City's sports...

The Heart of Toledo: WPA Projects in the Modern Day

Today we live in a disposable society: use it and throw it out, buy more. Most foods are prepackaged. Immediate...

Finding Home: From Korea to Toledo, Ohio

Hi, how may I serve you? 저희 치킨 하나랑...

Timeline of the Skyline: Toledo’s Horizon through the Years

You may not immediately recognize this skyline as Toledo's: "Timeline of the Skyline" is an interactive project showing a chronological representation of Toledo's horizon. Click on a specific building on the timeline below to learn more about its history and present...

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Charity Appeal: Celebrity Influence in Times of Crisis

It might seem counterintuitive that entertainment and cultural icons thrive during tremendous times of hardship, but history has proven it true. 

Entropic Peace in Isolation: Revisiting Yayoi Kusama’s Fireflies on the Water in 2020

The Toledo Museum of Art exhibition program brought together a special presentation of Yayoi Kusama’s Fireflies on the Water installation, just for a global pandemic to hit soon after. Despite what seemed to be a major set-back, COVID-19 has instead transformed Fireflies on the Water into a deeper reflection into what isolation and the individual mean in the chaos of 2020. What was once an incomprehensible escapist dream is now a sober dissolution into universal existentialism.

The 2020 Election Dilemma: How Ohio has Handled Voting During the Pandemic

The 2020 presidential election stands to be one of the most complex and highly anticipated U.S. elections in recent history, primarily because...

Toledo ABCs

Toledo ABCs is a mini-series that highlights, from A to Z, just a sampling of those aspects that make Toledo unique and, in some cases, world-renowned. Designed to be viewed individually or as a set, the graphics use archival images, photography and white space constrained by typeface outlines to memorialize the beauty and significance in what we often might see as mundane.

Sustained Outrage in the Fight Against the Opioid Epidemic: A Review of Death in Mud Lick

Pulitzer-prize winner Eric Eyre’s new book exposes how hard drug distributors work to keep eyes off of their numbers and how important it is for journalists to keep looking. In the small towns of America, it can literally mean life or death. The opinions expressed in this series are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect any official organizational stance. Cover graphic by Ruth Chang for Midstory.