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From Pets to Pests to Planters, Squirrels’ Storied History in Ohio

During the 18th century, squirrels were the sought-after, beloved companions of many Americans. Fast forward a hundred years, and squirrels in Ohio were so numerous that they had a bounty on their heads. From pets to pests to planters, squirrels have had a unique relationship with humans. Today, beyond serving as a bizarre bragging right for college campuses, they continue to be a crucial part of our ecosystems as seed sowers in wild and urban areas alike.

Is the Midwest Winning the Wrong Race to Automate?

Imagine a robot. You’re probably envisioning a futuristic, humanoid figure in a high-tech lab or a home designed for 2050. But you’re actually most likely to see a robot somewhere in the forgotten manufacturing towns of the Midwest, being supervised and utilized by everyday, blue-collar workers in car factories or food processing plants.

Title: Weight of Sound, Ep. 6: Mahler Symphony No. 2, “Resurrection”

In episode 6 of Weight of Sound, Toledo Symphony Orchestra Principal Trumpet Lauraine Carpenter walks us through the highlights of Mahler Symphony No. 2 with comments and detailed demonstrations.

Taking a (Recycled) Page Out of South Korea’s Book: A Comparison of Global Sustainability Practices

You’re at your family’s annual Thanksgiving dinner party. You carefully fill your plate with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce one by one...

Weight of Sound, Ep. 5: Beethoven’s Late Quartets

In episode 5 of Weight of Sound, Toledo Symphony Principal Second Violin and Artistic Administrator Merwin Siu discusses the power of chamber music.

Weight of Sound, Ep. 4: Mozart — “Gran Partita” and a Clarinet Quintet

In episode 4 of Weight of Sound, Toledo Symphony Orchestra Principal Clarinet Georg Klaas discusses Mozart’s connection with clarinet and his thoughts on working with guest soloists, including Leon Fleisher.

Weight of Sound, Ep.3: Mahler Symphony No. 5

In episode 3 of Weight of Sound, Toledo Symphony Orchestra Principal Horn Megan Amos shares her inspiration of learning from colleagues and her experience as one of the youngest orchestra members.

Weight of Sound, Ep. 2: Brahms Symphony No. 4 (and More!)

In episode 2 of Weight of Sound, Toledo Symphony violinist and teacher at Maumee Valley Country Day School Tom Sieberg shares memories brought back through Brahms Symphony No. 4—the joy and inspiration of music education and teaching music with his wife Colleen: “...she also knew how to challenge kids. I mean, that was one of her biggest gifts. She wasn't afraid to give any group any piece of music because somehow she knew they could get it done. And she was going to see to it that they did it.”

Weight of Sound, Ep. 1: Bruckner Symphonies

In episode 1 of Weight of Sound, Toledo Symphony Orchestra President Emeritus Bob Bell discusses his decades-long connection with Bruckner symphonies as an audience member, a percussionist and a community leader: "We want quick satisfaction—whatever we want to do we want to always go as fast as we can. Bruckner’s music is for another time. Things are a little slower and more lofty in a way. But every bit is relevant today as ever..."

Working as a Hero, Living as an Example: Fire Chief Brian Byrd on Leadership During Crisis

“I just can never turn the firefighter off. You can never turn off that desire and willingness to help somebody in a bad spot,...

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