The Midpoint


Infected and Incarcerated: COVID-19 & Prisons

From the Midstory Studio, our team chats with Keri Blakinger, a staff writer for the Marshall Project. From her experience as a previously incarcerated woman and her time spent writing about prisons, Keri expounds upon the effect of COVID-19 on incarcerated populations, how it impacts public health and safety and her own personal grappling with reentry and isolation after solitary confinement.

COVID-19 and Vulnerable Populations

The Midstory Team sits down Jamie Luster, MPH, a public health professional and former student of Dr. Amy Acton, to talk about the U.S. health care system, COVID-19's effect on vulnerable populations and the need for more investment in preventative care.

“Freedom” during a Pandemic

From the Midstory Studio, our team chats with Victor Ogundipe, a data analyst at the University of Michigan with a background in sociology and computer science. Get perspective on how we re-conceptualize key tenets of American—and human—life during COVID-19: freedom, privacy, leadership, politics and hope.

Quarantined in South Korea

From the Midstory Studio, our team chats with policy analyst Heiwon Shin, currently in government-mandated self-quarantine in South Korea after returning home from her current residence in France. Get perspective on Europe's and South Korea's responses to the pandemic, including the specific and detailed measures South Korea has put in place for citizens to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

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