Speaking Chinglish in Milwaukee: How Heritage Languages Shape the AAPI Experience

Vanessa Tsang Shiliwala was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but feels more like a first-generation Taiwanese and Chinese immigrant. She spent much of her childhood...

The Quiet Rise of Detroit-style Pizza

New York and Chicago pizza may be more famous, but behind the lesser-known Detroit-style is a complex narrative genuine and authentic to the city...

Resettlement to Revitalization: Welcoming Immigrants in Toledo’s Post-industrial Era

In the last half-century, Toledo has experienced intense upheaval: its population dropped by nearly 30 percent between 1970 and 2020 — from 383,062 to...

Midwest Meets the World: The Complexities of International Food Aisles

Where can you find Pocky sticks five steps away from tikka masala sauce? Across much of the U.S., products hailing from across the globe find themselves crammed side by side in the international food aisle. While international food aisles can be controversial (What counts as international, or American for that matter?), they hold a special significance in the Midwest, where access to ethnic ingredients can be sparse.

The Rise of Pandemic Ghost Kitchens

As the pandemic closed dine-in opportunities and accelerated a rise in online ordering, restaurant owners throughout the Midwest adapted. Graze! Shared Kitchen in Toledo and Crafty Cow in Milwaukee were two restaurants to open “ghost kitchen” concepts in their spaces.

The Heartland: Illustrated Views of the Midwest

The Midwest is often maligned as being “flyover country.” Stereotypes, like people being “too nice” or there only being corn fields in every direction, paint a largely generalized and inaccurate picture of the U.S. region. It does have, however, another name: the Heartland. We are a region not only full of rich history and culture, unparalleled landscapes and stunning architecture, but also — and most importantly — full of heart.

African Cuisine Can Be Hard to Find in the Midwest. Immigrant Entrepreneurs Are Changing That.

After Esther Ajiboye was laid off from her banking job amid the Great Recession of 2008, she decided to try her hand outside of...

Weight of Sound, Ep. 2: Brahms Symphony No. 4 (and More!)

In episode 2 of Weight of Sound, Toledo Symphony violinist and teacher at Maumee Valley Country Day School Tom Sieberg shares memories brought back through Brahms Symphony No. 4—the joy and inspiration of music education and teaching music with his wife Colleen: “...she also knew how to challenge kids. I mean, that was one of her biggest gifts. She wasn't afraid to give any group any piece of music because somehow she knew they could get it done. And she was going to see to it that they did it.”

Resettlement to Revitalization: Toledo’s History of Immigration

In 1840, Toledo was a small town. Newly incorporated and slowly growing, its population stood at 1,322 people. By 1890, it was a bustling...

The Rise of Teacher Turnover in Detroit’s Charter Schools

Michigan currently has the highest number of for-profit charter schools in the country, and the metro Detroit area, which includes Wayne, Oakland and Macomb...

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