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Eating Local: A Digital Sampler

If you’ve grown up here, you’ve probably heard at some point that Toledo has the most restaurants per capita. While that’s not exactly true,...

From Princeton to Toledo: Reflections from Three Young Travelers

I.   SOUNDS  I was not sure what I expected when I landed in Toledo other than perhaps the negative-degree weather that I anticipated from...

Flavors of Home: The Recipe Behind Cocina de Carlos

Each customer at Perrysburg’s Cocina de Carlos is ushered in by the clang of dishes in the kitchen, the hum of customers over their hot plates of fresh tacos and a warm welcome from those who work at this Mexican restaurant...

“The Worth of Paper Flowers”: Discovering Toledo’s Potential through Artists with Disabilities

The windows of Sunshine Studios are lined with blooming paper flowers, illuminated by the morning sun. Sunshine Studios is filled with beautiful artwork, but...

A CITY IN TRANSIT gala x expo: 2019 Highlights

“Holy Toledo!” The Glass City On the Small Screen

“Holy Toledo!” It’s a ubiquitous phrase that might be the only reference many people have for the city of Toledo, Ohio. Despite being the...

Waiting for Toledo’s Tomorrow

Seventy-four years after the opening of an exhibit promising Toledoans a bright, monumental future, the city still awaits its tomorrow.

All Aboard: Reimagining Toledo & Its Union Station

A few specks of dust hang in the air of Toledo’s train station, still and silent, exposed by a light that gleams from the...

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