How Ohio Is Paving the Road for its Electric Vehicle Industry

I remember when electric vehicles first began colonizing the gas stations along Interstate 5, the long, open California highway that stretches from the verdant...

Zoom University: The Complexities of Student Life in a Pandemic

Whether on campus or at home, college students have embarked on an unusual academic year during the pandemic. From on-campus outbreaks to spending entire...

How 3D Printing Is Re-envisioning the Future of Post-industrial Cities

In 2009, John Wilczynski was working as a quality planner at GM’s Pontiac Metal Center in Michigan when the company filed for bankruptcy. Over...

A New Big Cheese in Town: Columbus’ First Plant-based Butcher

On the inside, Vida’s looks like any other traditional deli shop. There are meats and cheeses neatly wrapped in the front case and a...

The Next Great Migration: Where Young Black Graduates See Their Futures

Over the past two centuries, African Americans have steadily migrated from the South to other regions in the United States, often because of entrenched...

Weight of Sound, Ep. 1: Bruckner Symphonies

In episode 1 of Weight of Sound, Toledo Symphony Orchestra President Emeritus Bob Bell discusses his decades-long connection with Bruckner symphonies as an audience member, a percussionist and a community leader: "We want quick satisfaction—whatever we want to do we want to always go as fast as we can. Bruckner’s music is for another time. Things are a little slower and more lofty in a way. But every bit is relevant today as ever..."

How Small-town Ohio Became the Home of Pop Culture—and an Entirely New Discipline

Where can you find nearly every issue of MAD Magazine, Twin Peaks trading cards and a Star Trek tie? Perhaps more likely to be...

Encapsulating Toledo’s 2020

2020 has been a momentous turning point in our lives. A global pandemic. Massive protests for racial justice. A divisive election. Moments that have amplified our fears, hopes and memories. We asked Toledoans what they would place in a time capsule from this historic year to be opened in 50 years. Here is what they would leave for the Toledoans of 2070.

The Midwestern Mall: Not Quite Gone and Not Quite Forgotten

For the last several decades, malls across the country have been closing one after another, leaving behind not only abandoned buildings, but also renewed interest in what malls mean to people, why they are disappearing in the first place and what can be done to save them (or if they should be saved at all). Toledo, Ohio, for example, remains enamored with the memory of its long-gone shopping complexes and what they meant for a thriving, mid-sized, Midwestern city. Cover graphic by Jessie Walton for Midstory.

Why Design? Principles to Shape a World in Unrest

The saying goes that you can only have two of three options: good, fast, cheap. In a world challenged by COVID-19 and other underlying unrest in 2020, however, designers are tasked with satisfying all three to solve complex societal issues. This piece outlines how formal and informal design can shape a world in trouble, and attempts a more human response to extraordinary circumstances. Cover graphic by Whitney Baxter for Midstory.

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