Exploring Urban Heat in Toledo, Ohio

It’s July 19th, 2021, a beautiful summer day in a tree-lined neighborhood in Toledo, Ohio. The sun is shining and the temperature hovers around 86 degrees Fahrenheit, but there’s plenty of shade to make a picnic or a barbecue pleasant despite the heat. But if you live a few miles away — particularly in the inner-city — it’s more than 10 degrees hotter, substantially raising both health risks and electric bills…

Capturing Asian American Identity in the Midwest

“Hyphenated” is a magazine showcasing a collection of photos that strive to illustrate the Asian American identity in the Midwest. Created by Midwest photographer and designer Josh Chen, it explores both the diversity and the commonalities in the Asian American experience.

Lake Erie Park and Casino: A Text Adventure

Click below to begin. The early 20th century was a transformative period for Toledo, the Great Lakes region and the US. In the final decades...

Lost in the Pythian Castle: A Text Adventure

It's late. You're on the edge of an empty parking lot in downtown Toledo.

Timeline of the Skyline: Toledo’s Horizon through the Years

You may not immediately recognize this skyline as Toledo's: "Timeline of the Skyline" is an interactive project showing a chronological representation of Toledo's horizon. Click on a specific building on the timeline below to learn more about its history and present...

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