Public Health


Quarantined in South Korea

From the Midstory Studio, our team chats with policy analyst Heiwon Shin, currently in government-mandated self-quarantine in South Korea after returning home from her current residence in France. Get perspective on Europe's and South Korea's responses to the pandemic, including the specific and detailed measures South Korea has put in place for citizens to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

COVID-19 Update: “No economy should override a human life”

From the Midstory Studio, our team chats with health care professional Lauren Uhrman to get an update on the most recent national and local information and discussions on COVID-19, including infection rates and new symptoms, current local and national policy and preventative measures, what the current PPE situation is like in hospitals, whether someone can actually be "re-infected," how the American public is doing with "social distancing" and what we all can be doing better to help fight the spread. Special thanks to Lauren Uhrman for being featured in this update.

At a Standstill: A Midwestern Response to the 1918 Flu Pandemic

Ten years ago in Toledo, Ohio, it was an everyday sight to see downtown streets devoid of human life, the lone fast-food paper bag...

Issue COVID-19: Battling the Infodemic

While we in the Midwest may feel distant from the humanitarian crisis happening across the globe, the implications of this virus carry consequences for more than just our personal safety. This age of globalization, information and technology has ensured that no sector remains untouched: politics, the economy, trade, ethics & morality, social unrest, news & reporting and more. Read more below for an op-ed reflection from the team.

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