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The Highs and Lows of Midwest Voter Turnout

The Midwest is often portrayed as one homogeneous region — “Flyover Country,” a part of America synonymous with corn fields, simple niceties and a...

The 2020 Election Dilemma: How Ohio has Handled Voting During the Pandemic

The 2020 presidential election stands to be one of the most complex and highly anticipated U.S. elections in recent history, primarily because the pandemic...

Abbott’s Absence: Faithless Electors and the Politics of Change in the Buckeye State

It’s 1812. Despite attaining statehood only nine years ago, Ohio is quickly becoming an important political force. Thanks to a rapidly growing population (including...

Voting in the Midwest: The Transformative Force of Race and Class

At first glance, the Midwest seems to be undergoing an electoral shift to the right. This change in voting attitudes manifested itself in 2016; in a single election, many Midwestern states—with the exception of Illinois and Minnesota—flipped from “blue” to “red” on the electoral map. But the region’s electoral history shows a much more complicated position.

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