Local Journalism Project

When the Paper Stops Printing: Ann Arbor’s Road to Online News

In 2009, Poynter dubbed Ann Arbor the first city in the U.S. to lose its only daily newspaper. More than ten years later and as many cities have followed suit, how has Ann Arbor adapted and rebuilt connection in the new media landscape?

Black Voices in Ohio Journalism

In celebration of Black History Month, take a look at just a few of the historical figures who trailblazed for Black voices in journalism in Ohio and beyond.

Staying Afloat: The Future of Funding for Local Journalism

As a local activist and network engineer, Sean Nestor recognizes the importance of access to information. But even as an internet expert, he was...

News Deserts, New Media, New Normal: An Introduction to the Local Journalism Project

For decades, the bike-riding paperboy hurling the daily news at doorsteps was a staple in the average American city. Over morning coffee, readers would...

Where Does Journalism Go From Here? News, Media & COVID-19

Journalism has seen intense difficulties over the last decade, but the current crisis has shown just how important that work is and how newsrooms are innovating to keep it going. We chat with Joe Stephens, award-winning reporter and Founding Director of Princeton University's Program in Journalism.

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