Building the Midwest’s Carbon-free Future with Nuclear Energy

In 1942 in a laboratory beneath the bleachers of the University of Chicago’s football field, Enrico Fermi and a team of scientists set the...

Ecologist Leslie Brandt on How Urban Forests Can Help Us Adapt to Climate Change

Northern Wisconsin is dotted with lakes formed by glaciers, low-lying areas carpeted with peat moss and cranberries, wetland and upland areas lush with conifers...

Dear Erie III.

As the Great Black Swamp was drained and cut down acre by acre, a manmade tile and ditch system took its place. At the...

“The triple whammy” | Amilcar Challu

In the past year, wildfires, hurricanes, record temperatures and more devastated populations already struggling with a raging global pandemic. Midstory talks to Dr. Amilcar Challu, professor of History at Bowling Green State University, about the ways the environment deeply influences our social and political realities.

Ohio Scientist Rattan Lal on How Soil Could Help Solve Global Environmental Crises

Award-winning scientist Rattan Lal’s fascination with soil goes back to childhood on his family’s farm in India; he marveled at the soil’s ability to produce food and wondered why it needed to be plowed when it got compacted over time.

Dear Erie II.

You might be surprised to know that much of Northwest Ohio was largely under water until the 1900s. Fourteen thousand years ago, this area...

Dear Erie I.

It's been nearly seven years since the 2014 harmful algal bloom crisis. Lake Erie is one of the world’s largest freshwater resources, and yet...

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