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Cleveland’s History in the Film Industry Gives Promise for its Future

Cleveland’s place in the film industry dates back to the 19th century. Just two years after the Lumière brothers screened their short films in Paris for the first time,...

How Cleveland Became the Butt of the Joke

In the 2015 movie “Trainwreck,” sports doctor Aaron Conners, played by Bill Hader, has a good-natured chat with NBA player LeBron James, played by, well…himself.

The Heartland: Illustrated Views of the Midwest

The Midwest is often maligned as being “flyover country.” Stereotypes, like people being “too nice” or there only being corn fields in every direction, paint a largely generalized and inaccurate picture of the U.S. region. It does have, however, another name: the Heartland. We are a region not only full of rich history and culture, unparalleled landscapes and stunning architecture, but also — and most importantly — full of heart.

How the Van Aken District Brought New Life to Shaker Heights: An Illustration Essay

My anti-morning person disposition requires that I have at least one iced coffee to start my day, and while Starbucks or Dunkin suffice, I much prefer to drink my...

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