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Jamming in Orrville: For Over a Century, the J.M. Smucker Company Has Kept Roots in Ohio

A bell trills. Thankfully for your drifting young mind, it’s lunchtime. You rummage through your locker and carry your cartoon-themed plastic lunch box to your usual table of friends....

The Detroit Eastern Market Transports Locals to a Pre-Industrial Era

Nestled in the heart of Detroit, the Eastern Market is an essential and historic fixture in the city and its metro area.   The Eastern Market, located just northeast of downtown,...

American Crayon Company’s Enduring Legacy: A Review of “Color Capital of the World”

As a child, John Kropf knew he could always find a bucket of American Crayon coloring sticks to doodle on old newspapers, draw on dining room walls or inhale...

How Toledo, Ohio Revolutionized the Coffee Industry

The best coffee on the islands for many Hawaiian residents comes from a one-pound package with an iconic image: a lion’s head. But here’s the catch – the iconic...

The Rise, Fall and Lasting Wonder of the Drive-in

The drive-in is an icon of twentieth-century American entertainment. Since the height of their popularity in the ‘50s and subsequent decline as real estate costs rose and technology advanced, drive-in theaters have gotten creative — and even made a brief comeback as a socially-distanced, open-air pandemic pastime.

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