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Billboards and the Re-imagination of the American Landscape

Few things are quite as Midwestern as long, open roads on monotonously flat stretches of land, broken up by fantastically mismatched billboards firmly staked along the roadside every couple...

Voting in the Midwest: The Transformative Force of Race and Class

At first glance, the Midwest seems to be undergoing an electoral shift to the right. This change in voting attitudes manifested itself in 2016; in a single election, many Midwestern states—with the exception of Illinois and Minnesota—flipped from “blue” to “red” on the electoral map. But the region’s electoral history shows a much more complicated position.

The Power of Place and the Tradition of American Symbols

At a moment of social unrest motivated by a struggle for racial justice and framed by a pandemic, protesters haven’t sought policy changes alone; they’ve also sought to recast other facets of our society, including long-standing monuments. A look back in time shows that the ensuing debate on monuments is not a new conversation in American history.

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