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Ruth Chang has a B.A. in Architecture from Princeton University and a M.Arch from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. Ruth previously worked as a designer at a Boston-based architecture firm focused on providing affordable housing solutions. She also worked in Taipei, Shanghai, and Paris on various projects such as a national museum, a luxury hotel and an arts exhibition. With her interest in landscapes and cultural histories, Ruth dedicated her graduate thesis to uncovering the story of the Great Black Swamp and its connection to the modern human condition.

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Beyond the Ruins: Toward a New Midwest Architecture (on Twitter)

Situated between a Simpsons screencap and a Suez Canal meme, an old picture of a familiar YMCA in Port Huron, Michigan populates my Twitter feed. At first glance, it’s...

Dear Erie III.

As the Great Black Swamp was drained and cut down acre by acre, a manmade tile and ditch system took its place. At the turn of the 19th century,...

Dear Erie II.

You might be surprised to know that much of Northwest Ohio was largely under water until the 1900s. Fourteen thousand years ago, this area was flattened under glacial ice,...

Dear Erie I.

It's been nearly seven years since the 2014 harmful algal bloom crisis. Lake Erie is one of the world’s largest freshwater resources, and yet for three hot summer days,...

The Midwestern Mall: Not Quite Gone and Not Quite Forgotten

For the last several decades, malls across the country have been closing one after another, leaving behind not only abandoned buildings, but also renewed interest in what malls mean to people, why they are disappearing in the first place and what can be done to save them (or if they should be saved at all). Toledo, Ohio, for example, remains enamored with the memory of its long-gone shopping complexes and what they meant for a thriving, mid-sized, Midwestern city. Cover graphic by Jessie Walton for Midstory.

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