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Taking the Lead on Lead in Toledo, Ohio

Marilynne Wood first began researching lead poisoning in Toledo in order to investigate its potential correlation with school dropout and crime rates. A professor emeritus at the University of...

What’s Keeping Lake Erie Green? Part II: Climate Change

It can be difficult for residents of the Western Lake Erie Basin to see beyond the surface when it comes to the harmful algal blooms that disrupt their local watershed. After all, it is the green scum that appears on the lake every summer that poses health risks, obstructs recreational activities and creates eyesores on the area’s most treasured natural resource.

What’s Next for Toledo Express Airport and Midsized Air Travel Hubs?

On Sept. 6, an Embraer ERJ145 jet departed Eugene F. Kranz Toledo Express Airport at 3:58 p.m. One hour and 17 minutes later, the aircraft parked at the gate...

Getting Back on Track: The Outlook for Amtrak in the Midwest

As gas prices soar, alternative means of transportation look increasingly appealing to Americans. One prominent option is passenger rail, an area largely dominated by Amtrak on a nationwide basis. This article looks at the current state of Amtrak operations in the Midwest as well as its future.

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