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Inside Ohio’s College Enrollment Decline

Over the past decade, college enrollment nationwide has been on a decline and, according to Inside Higher Education, this decline has been more severe among colleges in the Midwest and Northeast. Public institutions rely on tuition and state funding associated with student enrollment to maintain their operational budgets, so dropping enrollment numbers spell trouble for the future of higher education.

“Every Town Has an Elm Street”: Ohio On-screen in the ‘80s

Ohio’s no stranger to acting. Ohio’s urban-rural landscapes make it an incredibly diverse place to film, and the refundable tax credit of 30 percent on motion pictures operating in...

Young Theater-makers are Braving the Pandemic-era Stage—and Transforming It

When it became clear in the fall of 2020 that the COVID-19 pandemic wouldn’t be going away anytime soon, the University of Toledo (UT)’s Black Theatre Ensemble braved a...

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