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The Roche de Boeuf Interurban Bridge: A Historical Site on the Verge of Destruction

Take a trip to northwest Ohio and you’ll find the breathtaking Ohio Electric Interurban Bridge, also known simply as the Interurban Bridge (it has its own Wikipedia page under...

A Garden in the Sky: Chicago’s Green Rooftop Revolution

People living in fast-paced cities tend to keep their heads down and mind their own business. Look up, however, and amidst the concrete jungle, you might just catch a glimpse of, well, a real jungle. 

Illinois Coal Plants Are Being Offered Second Chances as Solar Projects

Across the country, new life is being breathed into coal-burning power plants that once choked their surroundings with emissions: sites that once produced massive amounts of greenhouse gasses are being transformed into solar and battery projects — and some experts say they are actually ideal locations to do so.

The Food Truck Offering a Taste of Indigenous Cuisine

Tribal flags proudly mounted atop a decoratively wrapped food truck represent just a few of the tribes of North America’s Indigenous peoples, and are switched out periodically to represent and honor those working in the truck. This diversity is also reflected in the cultural origins of each dish served, from Navajo frybread to Northwestern Indigenous food platters.

Burning Questions: What Do Rising Wet-bulb Temperatures Mean for the Midwest?

Broiling, sweltering heat. The muggy kind that wraps around you like a damp, heavy blanket. The unbearable boiling that makes you feel like you’re running on a treadmill in a sauna while wearing your thickest winter coat that’s zipped up to your chin.

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