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Hidden Gems: Preserving the Rich Biodiversity of Northwest Ohio

Picture Ohio. You’re probably envisioning vast agricultural fields or the occasional deciduous forest dotting an otherwise flat landscape. And yet Northwest Ohio alone is home to wetlands and prairies, savannas and swamplands. It encompasses one of the rarest ecosystems on earth and supports rich wildlife. As biodiversity decreases across the globe, organizations in Northwest Ohio are working to preserve, protect and restore habitats and wildlife alike for generations to come.

Xueling Liu

Xueling Liu is a former preschool teacher from Hunan Province, China. She visited her daughter and grandchildren in the U.S. on and off, six months at a time, for...

Yung-Chen Lu

Dr. Yung-Chen Lu is professor emeritus in the mathematics department at the Ohio State University. He is the founder of the Columbus Asian Festival and the Asian Senior Meal...

Marvin Abrinica

Marvin Abrinica is CEO at Wunderfund and CFO at Esoteric Brewing Company, the first Asian- and Black-owned brewery in Ohio. He currently lives in Cincinnati, and was born in...

Sudarshan Pyakurel

Sudarshan Pyakurel is the executive director of the Bhutanese Community of Central Ohio (BCCO). He and his family escaped from the systematic and forcible exile of the Lhotshampa people...

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