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Behind the Viral Moment: Lee Wong on His Televised Scar Display and Asian American Patriotism

Lee Wong has long served his country: he spent two decades in the U.S. Army, has been a trustee of West Chester Township since 2005 and is a chairman at the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Cincinnati. Some would say Wong is a textbook patriot. But as the U.S. continues to grapple with anti-Asian hate, Wong has had to prove himself again and again throughout his life.

“Writing Was the Thing That Saved my Life”: On Being a Thai American Writer in Ohio

Born in Chicago to Thai immigrants, author and teacher Ira Sukrungruang spent much of his early life wrangling the divided aspects of his identity — one irrevocably tied to his birthplace and home in Oak Lawn, Illinois, and the other struggling to resonate with the culture, language and traditions of his family’s heritage.

“We Are a Part of the Fabric That Is American Society”: Keeping the Japanese American Story Alive in Dayton, Ohio

The year Donald Hayashi was born, everything changed.  In 1946, President Harry S. Truman signed Executive Order 9742, ending Japanese detainment in America — and the incarceration of Hayashi’s own immediate family.

“This Is Freedom!”: From Refugee Camps to Serving Akron, Ohio’s AAPI Community

For Ajino Wah, memories of home are tinged with bittersweet contradictions. On the one hand, he remembers hospitality, lush rivers and gardens. In particular, a love of peace stands out in his sense of home among the Karen people, one of the first ethnic groups to settle in present-day Burma (also known as Myanmar).

Hidden Gems: Preserving the Rich Biodiversity of Northwest Ohio

Picture Ohio. You’re probably envisioning vast agricultural fields or the occasional deciduous forest dotting an otherwise flat landscape. And yet Northwest Ohio alone is home to wetlands and prairies, savannas and swamplands. It encompasses one of the rarest ecosystems on earth and supports rich wildlife. As biodiversity decreases across the globe, organizations in Northwest Ohio are working to preserve, protect and restore habitats and wildlife alike for generations to come.

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