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“This Is My Table”: Kay Xiong Is Bridging Gaps Through Authentic Asian Food

As the owner of Kay’s Table, Kay Xiong is on a mission: to bridge different communities through authentic Asian cuisine. But to build this bridge, Xiong had to cross her own — a journey of hope, hardship and everything in-between. From fleeing Laos at the height of the Vietnam War to defining her own Hmong American identity, this is Xiong’s story.

Confluence: Stewarding Cleveland’s Water

The Great Lakes are one of the largest freshwater systems in the world, accounting for 21% of the world's surface freshwater and 84% of North America's.  In the face of...

The River Runs in Reverse. Chicago Continues to Grapple with its Impact.

In 1900, the Chicago River was reversed to protect the city from disease and water pollution. Today, this decision poses questions to a city that faces unprecedented climate conditions and irreversible changes in the ecosystem.

Greater Detroit Area Students Are Tackling Climate Change — In and Out of the Classroom

The National Wildlife Federation (NWF), General Motors and school districts in Southeast Michigan have come together to give students the opportunity to make self-designed environmental impact.  Anita Singh, national field...

Strokes of Color: Celebrating the Art of Toledo’s Latino Cultures

In the heart of South Toledo’s Broadway Corridor, strokes of color adorn the otherwise nondescript structures of streetside storefronts … Railings, window frames, doors and cornices boast brilliant blues, deep reds, pale yellows and an array of pinks and purples.

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