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Greater Detroit Area Students Are Tackling Climate Change — In and Out of the Classroom

The National Wildlife Federation (NWF), General Motors and school districts in Southeast Michigan have come together to give students the opportunity to make self-designed environmental impact.  Anita Singh, national field...

Strokes of Color: Celebrating the Art of Toledo’s Latino Cultures

In the heart of South Toledo’s Broadway Corridor, strokes of color adorn the otherwise nondescript structures of streetside storefronts … Railings, window frames, doors and cornices boast brilliant blues, deep reds, pale yellows and an array of pinks and purples.

“Because You’re Able To Connect With People”: On Music and Cultural Experience

He may have been born in Edmonton, Alberta, and his parents may have been Cantonese Chinese from Hong Kong — but today, Merwin Siu firmly declares himself a Toledoan.

“Cleveland Is the Place for Me”: Advocating for Asian American Stories in the Media

Gabriel Kramer is an Ohioan, through and through. He entered into this world at a hospital in Medina — the same one as his father. He walked the stage at Medina High School — the same as his grandfather. Three generations here in the Buckeye state, and yet, he still found himself searching for ways to fit in while growing up— ways that sometimes required him to neglect parts of his mixed-race identity.

The Grass is Greener on Toledo’s East Side

For years, East Toledoans have watched the once-thriving eastern bank of the Maumee River decay. Throughout the 2000s, the ghosts of the Toledo Sports Arena and the Edison Acme...

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