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Logan Sander has a B.A. in Comparative Literature from Princeton University with a certificate in Chinese Language and Culture. She served as the president of the Princeton University Press Club and her freelance work has been published in various journals and newspapers including TIME.com, the Forward, and the Toledo Free Press. Her interests in theatre and the arts have led her to work with acclaimed Irish actress Lisa Dwan and Irish Times writer and literary critic Fintan O’Toole on a production of Samuel Beckett’s Ill Seen Ill Said.

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Logan Sander


White Bread and Beyond: The Complexities of the Midwest’s Bread Culture

“When you look at how sometimes people outside of the Midwest view the Midwest, they see it as kind of a homogeneous, one-dimensional culture or almost absent of culture,”...

Where Does Detroit Go From Here? A (2021) Review of The Origins of the Urban Crisis (1996)

Type “Detroit” into Google, and prepare yourself for an extensive and thorough narrative of negativity before you even click “search”: “Is Detroit bad?”, “Why is Detroit abandoned?” and “Why...

The Hidden Wonders of the Pawpaw: Ohio’s Beloved State Native Fruit

The pawpaw looks unremarkable from the outside. Its oblong and slightly misshapen body encapsulated in a tough, greenish-yellow skin brings to mind a less-than-appetizing, severely underripe mango. But crack...

“Invisible Infrastructure”: How Aging Water Systems Impact Lake Erie’s Water Quality

We turn on the tap to get water, and we flush the toilet to send it away. But the “invisible infrastructure” behind these conveniences is a system that’s not only complex, but also problematic in a world where increasingly unpredictable weather patterns are straining our aging infrastructure.

“Water is Life”: Connecting Communities to Lake Erie’s Waterfront — And Its Future

Cuyahoga County has about 32 miles of Lake Erie shoreline — but only 10% of that is currently publicly accessible. Travel just over 100 miles west, and you’ll find...

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