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Burning Questions: What Do Rising Wet-bulb Temperatures Mean for the Midwest?

Broiling, sweltering heat. The muggy kind that wraps around you like a damp, heavy blanket. The unbearable boiling that makes you feel like you’re running on a treadmill in a sauna while wearing your thickest winter coat that’s zipped up to your chin.

“Stranger Things”: Horror in Midwestern Suburbia

It’s a familiar tale. There’s an otherwise uneventful, untroubled suburb enjoying a slice of quiet American life — until a malevolent supernatural force arrives, upsetting the community’s otherwise sturdy and well-constructed sense of comfort and security. The story’s horror (and cinematic pull factor) usually lies in the gory spectacle that follows, but also in its sense of reversal and unlikeliness — if those events could befall a seemingly “normal,” sleepy town, perhaps they could befall yours, too.

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