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Resettlement to Revitalization: Toledo’s History of Immigration

In 1840, Toledo was a small town. Newly incorporated and slowly growing, its population stood at 1,322 people. By 1890, it was a bustling hub of industry and transportation,...

Staying Afloat: The Future of Funding for Local Journalism

As a local activist and network engineer, Sean Nestor recognizes the importance of access to information. But even as an internet expert, he was unable to find basic information...

Encapsulating Toledo’s 2020

2020 has been a momentous turning point in our lives. A global pandemic. Massive protests for racial justice. A divisive election. Moments that have amplified our fears, hopes and memories. We asked Toledoans what they would place in a time capsule from this historic year to be opened in 50 years. Here is what they would leave for the Toledoans of 2070.

Working as a Hero, Living as an Example: Fire Chief Brian Byrd on Leadership During Crisis

“I just can never turn the firefighter off. You can never turn off that desire and willingness to help somebody in a bad spot, whether you’re working in uniform...

Toledo’s Timeline Historians

Vintage whiskey bottles, faded newspaper clippings and lengthy historical descriptions are perhaps most likely to be found in a small, eclectic museum. But Toledo, Ohio’s history buffs have found an unlikely place for archiving, research and lasting connection: Facebook. With as many as 15,000+ members and 20+ posts a day that garner hundreds of comments and reactions in a single group, the community is one of the most lively public forums in the mid-sized Midwestern town.

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