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How Toledo, Ohio Revolutionized the Coffee Industry

The best coffee on the islands for many Hawaiian residents comes from a one-pound package with an iconic image: a lion’s head. But here’s the catch – the iconic...

Tomato Juice: An Ode to Ohio’s (Controversial) State Beverage

It may come as a surprise that a little over half of U.S. states have designated a state beverage. The state hospitality beverage of South Carolina is SC-grown tea. Florida honors its iconic oranges.

Saving the World, One Seed at a Time: How Libraries Are Tackling Modern Environmental Crises

The old card catalog at the Lyon Township Public Library (LTPL) in Michigan fell out of use after the library’s infrastructure went online. An outdated but iconic relic of...

One Man’s Quest to Make “America’s Museum” in Youngstown, Ohio

In the early 20th century, Americans were infatuated with international (read: European) art, as people clamored to buy pieces by famous artists like Renoir and Monet. It wasn’t until 1919 that the first institute dedicated solely to American art opened in Youngstown, OH. The Butler Institute of Art is still one of Ohio’s most popular museums today, and the rich history of its founder, Joseph G. Butler Jr., led to the Institute’s focus on representation and access for all Americans.

Reviving a Lost Indigenous Language

When Daryl Baldwin was growing up, the last speakers of his heritage language were passing away; as of a few decades ago, that language — Myaamia — was definitionally...

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