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Of Strikes and Sportsbooks: What Ohioans Googled in 2023

This year has been a whirlwind of news and ever-shifting topics du jour, from geopolitical conflict and AI to natural disasters and striking workers. Lighter but no less controversial...

What Pepperoni Rolls Reveal About Ohio’s Most Overlooked Region

"The pepperoni roll, really, is a poem: self-contained, complete, economical in every sense of the word." Courtney Balestier, “The Poetry of Pepperoni Rolls” Pepperoni, bread and cheese. For most Americans, this...

A Visual History of Toledo’s Automotive Industry

In 1900, the first Toledo-built car was completed at the Lozier Motor Company factory. This vehicle ran on steam and had only two seats, but it began a legacy...

A Tiger in Ohio: How Bill Watterson’s Hometown Inspired “Calvin and Hobbes”

In 1995, the final edition of Bill Watterson’s iconic comic strip “Calvin and Hobbes” ended with the title characters (a precocious, rascally child and his stuffed tiger/closest friend, respectively)...

Siloed: Reflecting on Ohio’s Native American History

From mound-building cultures all the way to the final American Indian tribes removed from the area, Northwest Ohio holds a rich and tragic Indigenous history. While Native American histories are overlooked and often intentionally forgotten all across the country, Northwest Ohio is particularly seldom associated with native identity and stories, creating a gap in public memory and local history that emphasizes comfortable narratives over complex and harsh realities.

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