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The American Studio Glass Art Movement Was Born in Toledo, Ohio — and Continues its Legacy There

In the summer of 1962, a group of curious artists gathered around a furnace in a garage at the Toledo Museum of Art. The purpose for their assembly? A...

“Cars, Cats, Community”: Turbo Tim’s Innovative Approach to Auto Repair in the Twin Cities

Turbo Tim’s Anything Automotive in the Twin Cities has been built on a series of ‘yeses’: yes to art events, stand-up comedy shows, dance parties, silent auctions, a garden...

“Cleveland Is the Place for Me”: Advocating for Asian American Stories in the Media

Gabriel Kramer is an Ohioan, through and through. He entered into this world at a hospital in Medina — the same one as his father. He walked the stage at Medina High School — the same as his grandfather. Three generations here in the Buckeye state, and yet, he still found himself searching for ways to fit in while growing up— ways that sometimes required him to neglect parts of his mixed-race identity.

They Are Beauty, They Are Grace, They Are the Dairy Princesses of the United States

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived a princess — actually, there currently live several princesses, right here in the U.S. While these young monarchs...

The Modernist Marvels of Columbus, Indiana: Building Community Through Architecture and Design

From Eshaan Mehta’s childhood affinity for Lego to the vast real estate he built on Minecraft, his pull towards the architecture field has always felt natural. Today, Mehta is...

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