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In Minnesota, Korean American Adoptees Are Reclaiming Their Identities

Born in South Korea, Wayne Berry was adopted by an American family when he was two years old. Decades later, in a search to rediscover his roots, he found...

Explore Nature in Toledo’s ‘Tapestry of Habitats’

Imagine yourself surrounded by a forest of towering pines with wild undergrowth, or spotting birds among the green grass that peppers the blue waters of a marsh. Known better,...

Toledo’s Jazz Scene Is Roaring Once Again

In a dark room sit clusters of circular wooden tables and chairs while a handful of vintage lamps radiate warm light. A red upholstered banquette runs along a dark wall, reminiscent of a century ago. But the focus of the room is a gleaming, black piano on a stage enveloped with red curtains, a platform designed to transport audiences to Toledo, Ohio’s golden era — and envision its next one.

Nonprofit Urban Planning, One Neighborhood at a Time

Depopulation, urban blight and disinvestment have left many of Toledo, Ohio’s neighborhoods in a state of post-industrial decline. This narrative of neglect echoes across the Rust Belt and beyond, a story of neighborhoods seldom favored by architecture and urban planning firms for lack of funding, and plagued by oftentimes well-intended but segmented plans limited by existing resources.

Capturing Asian American Identity in the Midwest

“Hyphenated” is a magazine showcasing a collection of photos that strive to illustrate the Asian American identity in the Midwest. Created by Midwest photographer and designer Josh Chen, it explores both the diversity and the commonalities in the Asian American experience.

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