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Follow the Cranberry Road (A 50-Mile Trail in Wisconsin, the Cranberry Capital of the World)

“I don't really need to go to school, because I'm going to be a cranberry farmer.” For some who grew up on cranberry farms in Wisconsin, taking on the family...

“Because You’re Able To Connect With People”: On Music and Cultural Experience

He may have been born in Edmonton, Alberta, and his parents may have been Cantonese Chinese from Hong Kong — but today, Merwin Siu firmly declares himself a Toledoan.

From War to Wurst: German American Culture in St. Louis

It’s a sunny day. The sky is a pale, cloudless blue. The warmth of a newborn autumn hangs in the air. The sounds of polka — percussion, accordion …...

“Writing Was the Thing That Saved my Life”: On Being a Thai American Writer in Ohio

Born in Chicago to Thai immigrants, author and teacher Ira Sukrungruang spent much of his early life wrangling the divided aspects of his identity — one irrevocably tied to his birthplace and home in Oak Lawn, Illinois, and the other struggling to resonate with the culture, language and traditions of his family’s heritage.

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