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Who Are “Midwesterners” Anyway? 11,000 People Had Thoughts

Do you live in the Midwest? Do you consider yourself to be a Midwesterner? While seemingly similar questions, their answers are by no means one and the same.  A 2023...

Can Ohio Turn the Tables on “Brain Drain”?

“Brain drain.” If you live in the Rust Belt, you’ve probably heard the phrase used to describe the economic woes of your city or state’s dwindling workforce. By definition,...

Inside Ohio’s College Enrollment Decline

Over the past decade, college enrollment nationwide has been on a decline and, according to Inside Higher Education, this decline has been more severe among colleges in the Midwest and Northeast. Public institutions rely on tuition and state funding associated with student enrollment to maintain their operational budgets, so dropping enrollment numbers spell trouble for the future of higher education.

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