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A Tale of Two Great Lakes Cities (And Their Battles With Climate Change)

Both Chicago and Toledo were built upon swamps on the coast of the Great Lakes, and both are facing increasingly erratic lake water levels and weather patterns. But differing natural and manmade geographies mean one city will probably feel the effects of climate change sooner and more severely.

The Rise of Pandemic Ghost Kitchens

As the pandemic closed dine-in opportunities and accelerated a rise in online ordering, restaurant owners throughout the Midwest adapted. Graze! Shared Kitchen in Toledo and Crafty Cow in Milwaukee were two restaurants to open “ghost kitchen” concepts in their spaces.

Toledo Food Trucks Brew Popularity and Partnerships Amidst the Pandemic

For two years, Lyle’s Crepes was a weekend business for Josh Posadny. He supported himself by working a number of different part-time gigs, throwing himself into his crepe-making passion...

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